Friday, 2 December 2016


Have you ever wondered if you are on the right track with the kind of relationship you are in now? Just read on to discover what a real relationship is and how to identify and end fake relationships.

Relationship is a connection between two or more individuals, groups, objects, concepts, even countries. It is also a behavioral attitude of two or more people or organizations towards each other. 

It could also be a connection by blood or marriage; A sexual or emotional association between individuals. Relationships might also require time and effort as well as willingness to study and understand the other parties involved to make it work. Life is all about relationships.

Real Relationship: This is relationship between compatible individuals who within a certain course of time worked towards and realized they can complement each other with their lifestyles, aspirations and Personalities.
Fake Relationship:
Is putting up an act of being in a relationship for certain reasons, this could happen between strangers who may due to certain purposes choose to portray an act of being in a relationship. It could also occur out of deceit whereby one of the parties involved is ignorant and feels to be in a real serious relationship and might later feel betrayed upon finding out the truth.

How to Identify a Fake Relationship
o   When the relationship is all about sex or just sexual

o   Bad changes in individual characters and attitude

o   Bad or no communication

o   Choice of self-comfort instead of love

o   Public show off or display of love

o   Ignorance or lack of knowledge of the partner you are involved with.

o   Lack of tolerance to each others Career or Profession.

If the above are your experience in your relationship then;

  Ending a Fake Relationship

o Have time to ponder and plan carefully your next actions

o Don’t approach the situation aggressively.

o Believe that someday there are real people who are ready for real relationships.

o Have a calm discussion with your relationship partner and call off the relationship.

o Take care of yourself don’t take let the break up weigh you down.

o Let your past experience only make you wiser but not a bad person.

I hope this was helpful; i will also love to read more ideas from you on how best to handle fake relationships.


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