Thursday, 12 January 2017


Our scripture for today is the story of a "Great" man, a captain, a mighty man, yet a leper. He had all the necessary accolades, but he was a leper. I am sure he had concluded that he would die in his leprosy, until he came across a little maid. 

(2 Kings 5:4) (KJV)"And one went in, and told his lord, saying, Thus and thus said the maid that is of the land of Israel."

The Bible did not just call her a maid, but qualified her as "little". I am sure this maid was treated well in the house of Naaman. Though a maid, she could talk to Naaman's wife and give an opinion. That goes to some people whose subordinates cannot talk to them. 

Beloved, no matter how high you get in life, never get to a position where no one can talk with you or give counsel. She realized that what she was talking about is a no-go area - A challenge in the life of the Mighty man that ordinarily she should be afraid of ever talking about but the niceness of the mistress to her must have compelled her to offer the advice. She realized that no matter what she said, the mistress would look beyond her size to read her heart. Because of the way she had been treated, she felt compelled to also give back and that led to the restoration of Naaman's health.

Even Naaman, when he got to Elisha and was told to dip 7 times in Jordan, was vexed and refused. But his servants compelled him and he obeyed. That speaks volume about this mighty man.

Stop and think; those around you, will they look for opportunities to help you or to destroy you? The maid in your house, the subordinates in your office, the younger people in your locality, how are you treating them? It is food for thought. If you are wanting in this area, ask the Lord to help you and consciously work on it, remember, we all need each other. Life is all about inter-dependency. We all need one another.

Further Reading: 2 Kings 5: 1-14 Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen 31, 32 / Evening- Matthew 9:18-38

CREDITS: Daily Devotional from The Redeemed Evangelical Mission (TREM)


Don't look down on anyone. Be open to all, ready to help, for you never know who you will need tomorrow.

"And they found an Egyptian in the field, and brought him to David, and gave him bread, and he did eat; and they made him drink water" 1 Samuel 30:11 (KJV)

In the journey of life, God is so humorous, he can put the answer you are looking for in the hand of a servant.

 Remember the story of David being robbed by the Amalekites. He had an assurance from God to pursue the enemy that he will overtake and recover all, but God never told him of the Egyptian on the way. Put on your imagination for a second: what would have happened if David had killed the Egyptian or even ignored him? Did God assure him that he would recover all? Yes, He did; but I doubt if David would have realized that promise if he had despised the Egyptian.

Child of God, no one is an island. You need people if you must succeed in your journey of life; so make it a habit to be nice. Be courteous, whether you know the person or not. There are times that riches actually come dressed in rags. The cleaner today might be the answer to a major challenge tomorrow. The child you help through school today, might be the doctor that will save your life tomorrow.

David picked up the Egyptian, gave him food and water and he became the compass to find the enemy. Let us flip the coin, can you imagine if the Amalekite did not abandon the Egyptian? They thought he was useless, they left him to die, but he became the link David had to find them. Learn from this story, never leave a wounded soldier to die. Your brother or sister may have missed it and appear wounded, lend them a helping hand, you never know what life will throw your way tomorrow. 

Don't despise anyone, everyone God has brought your way is for a purpose. Be sensitive and don't throw away your helper unknowingly.

Further Reading: 1 Samuel 30:10-20
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Gen. 29, 30 / Evening- Matt: 9:1-17

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


Position: Is a place where someone or something is located or has been put.

You might be located in Lagos but might not be positioned to be in Lagos, to everyone there is a position assigned but when you don't know your position you will remain frustrated in your location.

 As Christian's/believers our position is in Christ Jesus no matter our physical Location.

"When you understand your position in Christ, then you will learn the art of resting in His grace. The work has been concluded in eternity, your part is to enforce it in the now. Don't let the devil hoodwink and deceive you. The symptom is not the sickness, it is a MIRAGE to make you drop your healing. The lack of money is not the challenge, it is a SETUP by the devil to make you change your confession and embrace lack. When you understand the trick of the devil, you can put him where he belongs and enforce your right."

Consequently, why not cast all your cares on Him (God) because He loves you affectionately, it's not your duty to think of how you can make welfare and provision for yourself rather, shift and cast them all on GOD because that's His duty and not yours!

Credits: Bishop. Mike .C. Okonkwo (MFR)


Season Greetings;

" Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needed not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." 2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV)To succeed this year, the first thing you must do is to study the word of God. The word of God has in it all the ingredients you need to succeed. There is absolutely no success outside the word.

Please don't follow the people that trivialize the word of God. If you must experience lasting success, the word of God must be the foundation.There are many people that take pride in the number of chapters of the Bible they have read. It is not enough to read the Bible like a story book.

Yes, it is great to read the Bible in 90 days, 180 days etc. but beyond a casual reading of the word, give attention to studying the word. Don't gloss over the word, study it. You can get other easy to read translations, don't just stick to the King James Version, you have other versions you can read. Take any version you are comfortable with and in the language that you understand most and study the word.

Remember the word is the lamp to your feet and light to your path (Psalm 119:105). Think of it, how far can you go in the dark without the lamp that gives light? Clearly you cannot go far without stumbling.

In the same way, as a child of God, you cannot go far in life without the word of God. Everything you need is in the word of God and that is why we say whatever the word cannot give you: 1. You do not need it and 2. It does not exist."
In like manner, hold steadfastly to God's word this year and expect all round new Things in your life.

Courtesy: Bishop. Mike .C. Okonkwo