Thursday, 26 January 2017


Do you realize that you can truly get better in spite of the set backs you might be facing right now?

"But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shine more and more unto the perfect day". Proverbs 4:18{KJV}

  The scripture says that the pathway of the righteous is as the shining light not a dim one. Not only does this light shine, it gets brighter more and more. In other words, it is progressive. It is from one level of glory to another.

In Genesis 27: 30 - 40 we are told that Esau lost the blessing. Before this, he had sold his birth right to his brother Jacob out of fatigue. Of course when it came to the time of blessing, Jacob got the blessing. Having lost all, his father told him that his life was not going to be an easy one. He was going to live by the sword and serve his younger brother. That looked like the end of the road for Esau.

"Genesis 27:40 NIV" puts it this way, ''...when you become restless.'' Child of God, it is this point of 'restlessness' that I want to seriously consider today because if you read the story to the end you would notice that Esau eventually bounced back. Even though Esau lost both the birth right and the blessing, that was not the end of his life because he still bounced back. I have always said this to you; never write off a man who is still under the word because he is capable of springing surprises.

You need to get fed up and angry in the spirit. You need to get fed up of the devil robbing you of what rightly belongs to you and when you do you will rise up in anger and throw off his yoke from your neck. I have come to challenge you today to get fed up with that ugly situation in your life. No matter the lies of the devil, God wants you free, He wants you to testify. He expects you to be fruitful in all your ways. 

You have what it takes.

Further Reading: 1 John 5:4
Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Exodus 14-15 / Evening- Matthew 17

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