Thursday, 16 March 2017

How To Maintain A Relationship Without Sex

In our world today people say that it’s so rare to find virgin’s (Ladies especially), and yet other people argue as to if there could be any loving and Intimate relationship without sex.

I know by mentioning that word “intimacy” your brows are raised, yes! Intimacy can be achieved in your relationship without sex just patiently read-on,

To start with what does relationship, love and sex really mean;

 Relationship is the connection between two or more people; it’s actually a state of being connected.

Love is a great interest and pleasure in someone or something, it is also a strong feeling of affection.

Sex means a classification of Humans or other living things into either of the two main categories (Male and Female) on the basis of their reproductive functions (gender) and SEX also means an activity (sexual activity) involving sexual intercourse, lovemaking, sex act, sexual relations etc.
The kind of sex being referred to here is the sexual intercourse.

Now when you love someone is it possible not to have sex with the person? YES! I say yes.
I know a relationship is definitely not all about sex, but also two people having sex in a “loving relationship” is just a mutual expression of their feeling and to others sex is the essential of their relationship but friend God doesn’t permit sex before marriage.

There are definitely some teens and few adult spinsters who are saving sex for marriage and who are in happy, healthy relationships so you’re definitely not alone. If you are still confused and in doubt as to the possibility of none sexual relationship i tell you it is possible, just see how to below;


    God is love and if a relationship is based on true love then it should be solely based on God. We fear and respect our earthly parents to the extent we can’t have sex in their presence yet because of his abounding mercy we don’t fear the one who is our Father and creator  who sees in the secret what men can’t see. If we could fear God then we would obey him, your body is his sanctuary (temple) keep it holy. He insisted sex is strictly for HUSBAND and WIFE. 

    GET BUSY: 

    As the saying goes “an idle mind is the devil workshop” try to get yourself busy putting off anything sexual from your mind, although the feeling might occur that’s the devils specialty area but avoid & resist it. Avoid watching porn movies or any romantic book/ novels, avoid alcohol yes alcohol, read more of holy books, inspirational and motivational books, play TV games, get busy with your talents and passions, do anything that can make you happy forget about sex.


    This might seem awkward let’s face it, Most especially for ladies, 95% of intimacy usually take place when a lady visit’s her boyfriend (guy) or spend the night/ weekend there. Even if you are to go, then go with a matured and trusted relative or sibling, I won’t advice friends cause most friends might encourage you against your wish to have sex and don’t always visit regularly.

    Communication is an essential pillar of a sweet relationship; you should both be open to each other and joke more often but avoid sexual topics that might arouse you. Appreciation and compliments is only needful even when you don’t see often.


    Going to a secluded/ quiet/ undisturbed/ lonely/private places with your yet to be married spouse or any other opposite sex could give room to kissing, touching and caressing which may lead to sex. It is said that when two opposite sex are alone in a lonely place there is a third person (satan) which will definitely try to influence them to commit fornication, if you want to see each other even if it’s daily try to meet in open place like restaurants, Movie cinemas or any open place where you can see people can see and people can also see you.


    Getting married on time will not only save you from God’s wrath brought by involvement in pre-marital sex, it will also give you the opportunity to have full time and pleasure with your spouse.

    Be free to share your thoughts if there's anyone i left out kindly comment below.
    Thank you for the long read and i hope we can apply this in our relationships and teach our younger generations too that SEX IS NOT LOVE.

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