Wednesday, 26 April 2017


Dear beloved,

In our present world where everyone is struggling to live independently most times we tend to forget man’s real origin which is from God and we try to live our lives doing everything on our own by ourselves to an extent of even offending our Originator and Source “God”, I am writing this to remind you that everything about you is in the hands of God.

I know most of us knows about the popular story about a certain man named David in the bible; David was an imperfect man like us but he loved God, he understood God, he knew God and he never took God for granted. If you check the life of David in the bible you will hear him always saying “I will go and inquire of the lord” no wonder the bible labeled him as “A Man After God’s Heart”.

“For I will not trust in my bow, neither shall my sword save me”. (Psalm 44:6 KJV)

Your victory is in the hands of God, the house you desire is in the hands of God, Your job and business are all in the hands of God,when you pursue after God’s heart there is no way you’ll be a failure in life.

The bible tells us in Psalm 39:5 that the best of men are still men; every man at his best is still vanity,So we should understand therefore that is only what God builds that can stand the best of time, when the storms of life comes against you, only God can sustain you. Only God can give you victory over the storms of life, you cannot stop the storms; they are part of life. You may not have experienced any but just keep on living; pretty soon one will show up because victory is not the absence of trouble.

Victory is the ability to stand in the face of trouble. Despite the challenge you are able to overcome, If we can trust that those airplane pilots could take us safely to our various destinations then why can’t trust God who is a God of impossibilities(Luke 1:37).

In all things we do let’s know that we cannot prevail buy our strength alone, Our connections, Our talents, even our academical qualifications might fail us at some point but always remember that God is the God of all situations and only him can do all things any time without failing.

Credit: Bishop Mike Okonkwo.

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